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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My 4-Leaf Clover

You thought it was impossible didn't you? All the naysayers said "Nay!" Well suck it, Naysayers! That's right. I found a four leaf clover. It happened upon me at my doorsteps. I was walking from my car to the house when I just happened to look down. What should be at my feet but a four leaf clover? It was like having an unexpected but pleasantly surprising guest. The kind to whom you would say "Why hello there, four leaf clover. Fancy meeting you here, at my doorstep. Would you care to come in for some tea and scones? I just went to the store and bought some scones. I had some scones yesterday at the govenor's house and they were just delightful. I asked him 'Please gov'na, might I have some more?' and he was all like 'MORE?!' so I just had to go and get some for myself." On an unrelated note, since Spring began I had been searching within the piles of clovers in my yard for a four leaf clover. So here's my prized possession:

Actually, this isn't my four leaf clover. I can't get the camera to work so I just put a random photo I found because I'm just that lazy. My four leaf clover is too old to photograph anyway. In clover years it'd be nearing 70. It was all old and withered and brown. I say "was" because I decided to release it back into the wild. Just now. In the time it took you to read this sentence, I have gone outside and freed my clover. Now it can be back with it's friends and family. I'm a little relieved, honestly. I've been wondering if four leaf clovers actually bring good luck. I know if I was minding my own business and some jerk kidnapped me and locked me in his room, I wouldn't be too keen on wishing him well. Food for thought.

P.S. The world record is an 18 leaf clover, or so I've been told.


  1. 18-leaf, wow, that would be something to see. I found a five leaf but that was a long time ago.

  2. Did you take any pictures? I would love to see one

  3. No pictures, I think I put it between the pages of a book. Problem is I have no idea which book!