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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Lemonade Stand Award

subtitle: When life gives you lemons, make a little lemonade.

I'm really surprised to get two awards in such a short period of time. Thank you SquirrelQueen This is the Lemonade Stand Award, given to bloggers for their good attitudes. The recipients (if they want to) are to give the award to about 10 other bloggers of their choice. Here's mine:

aMusings Blog
Sandi K
Small Footprints

'Grats to everyone. Make sure to pass the drink around.

This post seems a little short, so I think I'll tell a story.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who enjoyed jumping on his trampoline. He would jump on it every day for hours at a time. One day he got up really early so that he could jump on it all day. He started jumping, and eventually his bounces got higher, and higher, and higher, so high that he could see the statue of liberty from his backyard. He lived in California. Soon after that his bounces went out of the planet's atmosphere and he landed on the moon, never to return. He became legend, known as The Man on the Moon. The End. This is not a true story. And I made it up.


  1. Wow ... thank you, so much! I'm honored ... and congrats to you and all the other winners as well. What a nice way to start the week!

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints

  2. Aw thats such an awesome idea!
    Thanks! :D

  3. Congratulations, Squirrel sent me one also, come and check out my page if you have a chance.


    I like your story

  4. Congratulations to all the receipents of this award, perfect time of the year for lemonade.

    I love the story, best story about the man in the moon that I've heard.


  5. hmmm nice interesting.... guess il have to wait to give my awards... coz i got hardly 10 followers to choose from...:d

  6. Hi. Nice post. Shows how active the bloggers' network really is. Wish I could have an award sometime (hint hint!) I'm a follower. Please check out my blogs:

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  7. Hi AtomBomb
    Cute story and I would like to "Congratulate" you for getting the "Lemonade Stand Award" I sure am enjoying my Awards!
    Love ya Pat

  8. Sorry about that, I was having a severe blonde moment.

  9. awww, thank you so much! This is neat!

    I didn't even write a speech. . .ummm, first I'd like to thank God and all of my followers, bc without ya'll none of this would be possible! lol.

    Congrats to you as well!

  10. AWE thank you!!
    I am sorry I have not done any updates or anything in a while my BFF has been in ICU for 3 weeks and I have been terrible preoccupied.
    It may be awhile before I get things caught up But I wanted to say thank you very much I think you are Awesome!!
    Will you please visit my Moms new blog?!? I think you will like it she is new to all this !
    Thank you again!!!
    I will be BACK soon!

  11. How do I attach it to my blog and send it to everyone like you did?

  12. just copy the image location and use that URL when you insert it into your post