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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Golden Heart Award

This really makes me feel special. Oh so special. I haven't blogged in a while so I'm not exactly sure when this happened, but I have (at some point in time) been awarded this beautifully golden-hearted Golden Heart Award. The aforementioned award was given to me by Vaishu from her blog Sweet Randomness in Life. It's an excellent blog by a clever person that everyone should check out. Now it is my honor to present the Golden Heart Award to five of my favorite blogs. When you get this award, you must place it somewhere on your blog and present it to five other blogs of your chosing:

1. The Road to Here
I know she already has enough awards to fill a bucket, but she deserves them. I enjoy the photography and the insights and advices are very enlightening.

2. T__T *how I cry*
You can tell from the title that this is an amazing blog. I love the stories; although they can be a little long-winded they keep my attention, which is increasingly hard these days.

3. My turn to rant
Ah, the world of dry humor. They say it's the best medicine. Actually I've never heard that, but my point is I like this blog. I'm not one for politics so don't judge me there, but it makes me laugh.

4. aMusings Blog
Teehee, I made a big circle with blog awards. I especially like the name pun. Amusing blog vs. A musing Blog (i left out the s at the end). Is it just me, or have all these been to women so far? Hintedy hint hint.

5. E_M_Y Rants
This is a pretty saucy blog. Don't ask me what that means. But I know it's a compliment. Check out the blog if you want to find out. Nice and crispy.

So there you have it. Thank you Vaishu and congratulations to everyone else. Those were not awarded in any specific order, by the way.


  1. Thank you AtomBomb!! You ARE the best thing since sliced bread! I'm glad my rantings make you laugh. Now I can tell my husband it's not just me.
    hee hee

  2. It is so good to have you back. Thank you so much for the award,I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. And yep, best thing since sliced bread.
    Have a wonderful day,