The Paper Fence

A fence made from paper. Interesting...

Friday, April 10, 2009

So, 'tis a story ye be wantin'?

Arrgh, it be in me best interest t' spin a yarn o'er me recent days. Me vessel be in the clutches of the navy's port, me search for the Treasures o' the Fifty States is at an end, and the day of the ressurection is at hand. Aye, me peg legs be gettin' a waxing an' no scallywags be courtin' my wenches.

Here's whats been happening with me over the past few days. The police found my car, I finally finished collecting all fifty state quarters, and Easter is around the corner. I'm relaxing; life is good.


  1. Arrgh, I be thinkin I broke me peg leg laughin' so hard.

    Glad to hear your car has been found. Congrats on the fifty states.

    Happy Easter,

  2. Lucky! I only have 3 quarters to go.
    What happened to your car?

  3. It's all in here: