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Friday, April 3, 2009


First things first: my rain dance worked. No rain=Big Day Off= Awesome sauce. I'm not one to brag, but I'm pretty proud of myself. Also, Rachel taught me a new game: wiki racing. You start on a random Wikipedia page and race somebody to get to another page by only clicking on links in the articles.

Anyway, for English class this weekend we're supposed to write four clerihews, and I'm having a little trouble. For those of you who don't know, a clerihew is a 4-lined poem with an AA BB rhyme structure. The first line is always a proper noun and its supposed to be a witty/funny sort of poem. Here's a couple of examples we got during class:

Vince Young
Your Fu is not yet Kung
Your hop ain't hip, your juke don't jive
I'm going to eat your rookie ass alive.

Or this one:

Their music hurts my ears
I much prefer Britney Spears.

At least I think that's how they go. It seems like it would be really easy, but so far I have only come up with one decent one :

Funnel Cake
Angels make.
Most delicious snack
Sugar-coated heart attack.

So...yeah. I'm sure I'll come up with something else, I just thought I'd share. Oh by the way, I've challenged Brian's blog to a blog war. We don't know exactly what that entails so if anyone has any ideas feel free to comment. I'm done.


  1. Meron taught me about wiki racing, but I haven't ever tried it. Is it fun?

    Haha, I really like the poem, it's funny. I suck at poem writing, so you're better off alone.

    Blog war=who can get the most comments (you should win, because I can't post on his).

  2. wiki racing is very fun, and i will destroy Brian / why can't you post on his?

  3. I would join the war if I could, but my blog is so popular it would be pretty unfair.

    I can't post on his because his new background won't let me, but Lillian found a way to bypass that. Idk...